Bug Check vs. organic garlic question…

Hi Dr. Dan, 
Two things: 1 I’ve tried Aller Check and it seems to have really helped my horse’s head shaking.  He hardly whips it at all and seems much more comfy.  He’s also on Red Cal.  Thanks for the suggestion. 2. I also have him on Bug Check –a heaping scoop per day–but he still seems to get covered by mosquitos in the pasture.  The horse across the aisle gives gets 1/2 scoop of straight organic garlic and the flies and mosquitos swarm but do not land OR if they land, they leave immediately. I know Bug Check contains garlic.  Should I add organic garlic or should perhaps I’m not using enough Bug Check?  Unfortunately, I also have to watch the cost effectiveness–more Bug Check means the can does not last as long.  Need advice because the mosquitos are terrible this year. 
Bobbi G.

Personally have not found garlic to work well.
I would give more Bug Check… the key is the immune system anyway which is one of several ways  Bug Check really works.  It also helps make the arteries/veins etc stronger. (so the mosquitoes bite the tender ones and leave the Bug Check horse alone). It also helps with the larvae in the manure… every situation is really different.. 
Since we have head shaking as a past issue… I suspect the system is weakened anyway but again all farms are different… so just give more perhaps and this will help greatly… other boosting products would be our Joint Check and Health Check (really to help detox as well). 
Any amount of Bug Check is only healthy, never harmful, by the way.