How to treat a small hoof crack?

We use Gut Check and H2 Oil religiously. Recently, we found a crack in the rear hoof that is about the size of the side of a dime. What would you recommend that could heal it in under 3 months but cost less than $50 if at all possible?  BTW, we are ordering the year supply of Gut Check and H2 Oil in two weeks. Gut check is fantastic! Our horse loves it on his oats.  
Sincerely,  Carter Berkeley War Eagle!

Nothing is likely to heal a crack in less than3 months. It takes longer for the hoof to grow out… but that being said, I would suggest Hoof Check SUPPLEMENT AND Hoof Check CONDITIONER TOPICALLY .

I would also add the Just Add Oats- Double Strength Formula to the diet along with our RED CAL free choice- all the horse can eat all the time… the later are even more important once the hoof is better.