Worm Check’s “Worm Shots” Game Is Back!

And this time with a contest…

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Our Worm Check “Worm Shots” game that was created and first played 14 years ago in the year 2000 is back online!

As part of the re-launch, we are having a contest/promotion for a special Worm Check Pack that will be randomly chosen amongst all those that enter via the short form on the Worm Check game site located –> here. You only have to submit an entry once and you don’t have the highest score.

You can play as many times as you want and play again and again! Share it with your friends and family of all ages!

And while the game may have been offline for awhile, our Worm Check and Fecal Exam service and our pro-active Bug Check have remained on duty through the years for the needed support to deworming challenges through all these years. That, of course, has and will never change!

Worm Check!
Our stance even before 2000 about the worming challenges and their solutions has never changed or wavered and really has been in the forefront and led the way to where many “others” now “stand” in their recommendations- others that once “shot” me down. SMILE!

Yes, “Shift” does Happen!”

What we were sharing way back then really was met with great resistance and that resistance continued through the years, (but fortunately for all), there has been a monumental “Shift” of thinking and now that same stance of mine on the subject of deworming has become more mainstream than ever before!

Oh CRAP! articleThis link:
leads to a posting of a question and answer session that was published back in the early part of 2009 in an issue of Equine Wellness magazine in which they got “up close and personal” with your horse’s manure SMILE! to learn more about the importance of regular fecal tests along with your natural horse care regimen.

Click Here To Open The Article Now.

Besides that article, one of the first published articles we shared was “BE “dewormed” OR NOT TO BE “dewormed” – THAT IS THE QUESTION!”. Here is a quick excerpt from that article:

I’ve been told, you have been told, and we have all been told that “all horses have worms”… Eventually you believed, I believed, we all believed! Fear and guilt are incredible tactics BUT notice I used the past tense- believED! Why the change? For me it was merely a matter of just remembering the truth.

I woke up from my guilt-like trance and remembered that way back when I first graduated from vet school all horses didn’t have worms…and many horses don’t now, either! So what changed along the way?

It’s easy to imagine, how- way back then, it really stirred the pot! SMILE! and you can click here to continue to read that article and we hope you will.

Dr. Dan RFD-TV Video On YouTubeThe “BE “dewormed” OR NOT TO BE “dewormed” – THAT IS THE QUESTION!” article was the basis for what would soon be shared at live events, expos and even on RFD-TV during tvisits to the “At The Clinic” episodes.

Fortunately, we’ve have been able to obtain and archive those audios and videos to share with others through the years. They have been a valuable resource for others. Click here to view the RFD-TV video, “Deworming Your Horses – Naturally Speaking!” via YouTube or click here to view on WormCheck.com.

Also, using the link below you can hear one of live seminar discussions from an Equine Affaire about the deworming issue/challenges. An MP3 download link is also provided.

Click To Listen To This Audio

Much of this valuable information is posted within the sites at AskDrDan.com and WormCheck.com, but is easy to find all by using the DrDanLibrary.com link.

We hope you will retain these links for your own use as well as for sharing with others.

Janet asks quick question about deworming her mare…

Hi Dr. Dan, how are what would you suggest to deworm this mare with the moonblindness in one eye.  I have her on Health Check and Red Cal she seems to being good at the present. Just did not want to mess up anything.

Thanks for all your help.


Hello Janet!

Do use our natural product Worm Check "when needed". I suggest you do fecals first to determine that need.

We do fecals and that info along with my thoughts/stand about deworming are quickly found at WormCheck.com

I'm glad to hear she's enjoying the RED CAL and Health Check.

Appreciate the support and thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan
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The Natural Horse Vet Magazine: http://www.DrDanMag.com

What To Feed Your Horse? http://www.WhatToFeedYourHorse.com

Dr. Dan's Library: http://www.DrDanLibrary.com

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Carla’s question about horse weight management and more…

I have a 6 yr old gelding that almost died on me in February after worming him with the new Eq________ wormer

He fell apart and lost a lot if weight and thank God I nursed him back but i'm still having problems putting weight on him
and also because of all this he lost a lot of muscle in his backend.

What would u suggest for an added supplement for him?

Hi Carla. I'm so sorry what you guys have gone through. I have to ask that you consider the aspects of my feeding program. I have "preached" it for years and i has helped so many. It is the foundation to build upon and where I would at least start— especially the RED CAL (no rocks/blocks) and the Weight Check Oil. The oil will help put the weight on. Really never had anyone disappinted in its results. I don't want to just load you up, so but that is where to start. I wouldn't hesitate in adding in of our more targeted products lstrating with the Joint Check to help. Look over the special section and see what you think and what you might be able to start with then keep me posted. It will not be an overnight fix, but I think we might be able to help. I might add that it is important to get the junk out and work inside out RED CAL has a detox effect but the Joint Check includes a potent antioxidant mix and may help overall comfort… our  Aller Check will further the working "inside-out" approach.

Below is the link to  "What To Feed" page and I'm also including my "deworming site" and info for future need for you…. lots to take in I know, but please do. Thanks for asking and keep me posted regardless of your decisions- I just appreciate being considered. amongst so much others.

Thanks again.

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Dr. Dan




Gloria asks about fecals, deworming, ulcers and weight issues…

Hello, I have had my Horses wormed this year, I dont do it often, but normally in the Spring and Fall. But I had our Vet take fecal samples and never got back with us on the results, And I got tired of calling him about it .

He says that we should do Fecal test for worms. and put them on a worming program, which I dont believe in…I saw that you do them (fecal tests) If sent to you.

Also, Our two horses we got From Ky, the young colt,a two year old. We had wormed him once we got him, but didnt have a fecal test, and he developed a cough and then the other Pasture buddy started loosing weight an so we wormed them both with a Power pack to get all they might have. I like the Natural worming that you offer and Hope to try it and start using it. But The one Horse is still loosing weight and so we thought he might have an Ulcer,( I was told he had one once when he was younger) and we were told that worming him would help also with medications for the Ulcer,Which I will look for natural. Is there a way that a Vet can tell if the ulcer is from worms?

Thanks for your time !!


Hello Gloria and thanks for your question.

I have to say that worms generally don't cause ulcers as Ulcers are in stomach and Worms are more in the "gut". 

First, you do need the fecals as soon as possible.

Now, with what you have told me it is my thought that there is a lot of "junk" in the system and you need to detox and get the junk out and keep the junk out. This includes the past medications. You should consider our support supplements Health Check and Gut Check are which I highly recommend. Our Aller Check would beneficial as well. Don't worry all my products are designed to work together.

Also, do know that foundation that all good and natural should be built upon is my feeding program and the three supplement componets that are a part of that. Please look over using the "What To Feed" link below. Especially consider the Weight Check Oil for weight management (on or off) and then to the RED CAL (with no blocks/blocks around!)

I do think the above will help as it has so many others.

Thanks for checking things out and again, thanks for asking!

Dr. Dan

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The Natural Horse Vet Magazine: http://www.DrDanMag.com

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Dr. Dan's Library: http://www.DrDanLibrary.com

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Shawn is on the “right path” and hopes others will be…


We raise and breed American Curly Horses. We are a small, hands-on operation and we have just sold our first 3 horses. We do not vaccinate or deworm here on our farm and people are always amazed at the health of our horses. I knew when we sold horses, most likely their new homes would not use the same natural practices as we do here, and it makes me sad to know our horses will soon have to succumb to vaccintions and chemical deworming at their new home.

I searched you library and articles, etc, but didn't find any thing on vaccinations other than one answer to a lady's question back in March. Do you have any articles, video segments, etc that I might pass along to others that discuss this issue? Or even other resources if you know of any.

The new owners are very interested and with a little information, I think we can sawy her over the right side of this issue!!

Thanks so much!!

Shawn T.

Hello Shawn!

Let me start with this…

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
~~~ Robert Frost

Probably the best sources to share in regards to me addressing vaccinations would be the "live" recordings of  me at events across America- including some  of the more recent "conversations" that follow my presentations as they were recorded at-the-booth and even while walking to the booth afterwards.

Especially listen to my life's story in regards to my mission that you can usually hear at the beginning of each recording. (you will know then why I love the Robert Frost quote above!)

http://www.DrDanLibrary.com is a direct link that you could possibly share  with them as well as the other links you see below.

There is also an article in the Magazine called "NutriHealth… A Radical Solution" that you (and them) might enjoy: http://www.DrDanMag.com

Personally we have 200
vaccine-free horses and we have  horses that are fourth generation vaccine-free! (unless required by law)

Here is a recent post you may have missed:

Also while at AskDrDan.com — here are other keyword links that will help— you will find more words from not only me but from others…




About Deworming… use WormCheck.com as a linkup to info regarding this challenge as well. Audios/Articles/Videos there including the article in the Magazine and another article "OH CRAP" that was featured in another magazine.

Of course, all should consider all my information and our supplements "as the sum of the whole" to be naturally proactive!

I do appreciate you asking and keep me posted!

Here's a couple of more quotes you may not have heard…

Thanks again!

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
~~~ Thomas Edison

"Being proactive means being reactive— ahead of time!"



Pam asks about natual deworming and lungworms in her donkeys…

Hello, I have two horses and a donkey. I am just wondering about starting a natural deworming program. I also wonder about lungworms in Donkeys.

How should I start and how many tubes should I purchase?

Thank you,
Pam C.

Hi Pam,

You find even more info about natural deworming at www.WormCheck.com The site  will help answer questions further, but before I would buy anything I would start with fecal checks (called "Worm Check Exams" on our site).  Lung worms should show on fecal exams too. 

Thanks For Askin!

Lisa asked about Dog (de) Worming…

Hi Dr. Dan…
I was referred to you by a very good friend, who uses your products.  I have a small, Beagle, female dog that is 2 years old that acquired or adopted us.  She was abandoned in our neighborhood last year.  We don’t know any medical history about her except that she was on her own for a very long time running the neighborhood.  She was not spayed until last week.  When I took her to the vet, they told me that I had to have all these vaccinations and heart and intestinal worm testing.    

My friend told me that I should contact you first to see if there is a natural way to eliminate heart worms (if she has them) and/or prevent them?  

The same question for the intestinal worms. What about fleas?  I have not seen any at our house here in LaVergne, TN.   One last question, what about chiggers?  Do dogs get chiggers?  Is there a natural product for preventing those as well?  

Thanks for your time and information.  Lisa

Legally No to all the answers but I would suggest the supplement of ours called Bug Check (Horse formula nd a Pet formula available) to help keep the bugs at bay. Many have used our horse product called Worm Check for their dogs as well as horses. It also works by supporting the immune system.

As for vaccinations personally, I only vaccinate for what is REQUIRED by law. That would be rabies but of course I am not a normal vet. I would always suggest fecal exams before any deworming and suggest the blood test for heart worms. There is no natural Heart worm pvt but of course Bug Check for pets supplement will make them less tasty for the mosquitoes that carry it.  BUT it is NOT a preventative.

Thanks for asking. Hope this helps.


De-worming, is there a better way?

Our horse has had diarrhea for at least two months as well as when he passes gas it will include liquid. He has been on psyllium but there has been no real improvement (he did have some sand but that has improved). His appetite is fine. Our vet did a fecal sample and found three different parasites. The vet prescribed Ivermectin, but there been no improvement. The vet came out again and tested the fecal sample and put him on a power pack for seven days.   In this case, is there a more mild approach to de-worming then these chemicals? 

 thanks  John

Always a better way! See magazine for article on deworming and check out our product called Worm Check . It does not kill anything but boosts the immune system to help the body rid itself.
I would highly suggest our Gut Check to help with the diarrhea. It is full of pre and pro biotics PLUS enzymes t help the gut in general. Also suggested is our Aller Check to Boost the immune system on a daily basis especially considering the apparent severity of  this situation.
Please too see the info/audio on What To Feed Your Horse. Sounds like a change in diet will help overall.
Generally such situations do well. some take some time however but do expect results.
Thanks for asking!


Diatomaceous Earth as a Dewormer?

What is your experience with using diatomaceous earth as a dewormer? 
Thank-you very much!   Lisa N.

In my opinion based on numerous trials here on the farm… it does not work by itself. HOWEVER when other ingredients are added it works great! (see our Worm Check).

Please don’t get me wrong, I love Diatomaceous Earth, and we have it in a lot of our products. BUT regardless of what you use to deworm, always do fecal exams to follow up. Even before it is extremely helpful to see what type you are dealing with if any.

Fecal exams help prevent overuse of chemicals which like the overuse of antibiotics, have caused super bugs. Over worming with a rotation procedure (just because the calender says it is time) is causing SUPER WORMS! Sooner or later nothing will work as with Staph today and as with Goats and sheep where resistant species of parasites are so common.