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Susan asks this about hulless oats…

To: Dr. Dan From: Susan W. Message: I am currently feeding my horse whole oats (from Canada) and hay, along with Red Cal, Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil, Joint Check, and Bug Check.  I am considering switching to hulless oats  (also from Canada), as the undigested oats are attracting too many birds.  Are hulless oats nutritionally comparable to whole […]

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Wendy asks about “Hot Horse”

From: Wendy wkohntopp@gmail.com Message: We bought a horse (9) about four weeks ago.  He seems to be settling in with our other two horses, stands well, is fine on the ground, and loads in/out of trailer with no problems. When he comes out of the trailer he is drenched. He is very nervous/anxious before riding and gets worse the longer […]

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