Tania asks: Are Oats Bad For Ulcers?

Hi Dr. Dan,
Thank you for being so prompt with all my questions I greatly appreciate it!!! One last question I suspect that my filly has ulcers…..she came from a show barn and she was a very nervous arabian when I brought her home she's been with me 2 weeks now and I've been working with her  and is doing better…….but the fact that she only eats part of her oats goes to her hay and then comes back goes to her hay seems that she does…..I've heard that oats are not good for a horse that has ulcers that it aggrivates them….what are your thoughts?


Absolutely not true based on my experience. If you suspect though be sure to have on our entire feeding program at www.whattofeedyourhorse.com and consider adding for support our Gut Check and our Health Check (liver and immune support).

The above has helped many with such issues. Thanks For Asking!

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