Never-Before-Seen Natural Vet Videos


We recently ran uncovered some old files from the archives that contained never-before-seen video footage recorded back around 2004 discussing several important topics. In recent weeks we have posted 3 including “Feed Your Horse For Success” information as well as about a horse’s allergy challenges. The videos are only about 5-6 minutes each and the player for each is posted […]

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Update on Equine Feed Oat Project Awards Inaugural Oat Research Grant

Equine Feed Oat Project Awards Inaugural Oat Research Grant FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Scottie Ellis 270.724.3181 Grant to Dr. Laurie Lawrence of the University of Kentucky   LOUISVILLE, KY – January 10, 2013 – The Equine Feed Oat Project (EFOP) today announced the recipient of its first equine oat research grant. Dr. Laurie Lawrence of the University of […]

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Jan asks: Clover Allergies?

To: Dr. Dan From: Jan V. Message: Hi Dr. Dan, There is a large percentage of white clover in our horse pasture. As I understand it, clover can get a fungus that produces a chemical called slaframine which horses are allergic to. It causes them to drool excessively. My experience has been that they also become excitable on the clover […]

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Susan asks this about hulless oats…

To: Dr. Dan From: Susan W. Message: I am currently feeding my horse whole oats (from Canada) and hay, along with Red Cal, Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil, Joint Check, and Bug Check.  I am considering switching to hulless oats  (also from Canada), as the undigested oats are attracting too many birds.  Are hulless oats nutritionally comparable to whole […]

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